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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Assalamu Alaikum

I received the Bulletin you sent me recently and I read it thoroughly. I really feel inspired by many of the articles contained in it. I was especially touched by the Hadith referring to repentance. This really brought joy to my heart. Also of interest to me was the article on Maryam Jameelah and the struggle that she endured by her family.

However, the story affecting me so intensely was the one about the brother who was a drug dealer and died the day after accepting Islam. I was affected so strongly by this story that it actually brought tears to my eyes. It really made me reflect upon my own life in pursuit of worldly things. This is one of the things that I reflect upon, and thank Allah for in the coming blessed month of Ramadan.

My parents are unaware that I am in prison because I am too embarrassed to tell them. So when I received your newsletter, it was such a comfort to hear from an outside group that really cares. I have cut all ties with anyone involved in any type of negativity. I am starting clean now so that I can change any wrong things that might lead me away from the path of Allah.

Each day I am asked by inmates to explain Islam to them. It appears that people of all nationalities are running to this Deen. It is like the Quran says, Truth has come and falsehood shall perish. Every chance I get I practice my Arabic recitation of the Holy Quran. I hope of being blessed with some degree of excellence of reciting the Quran that Bilal must have had, Inshallah.

The other brothers here also send you their salaams and thank you for the Islamic Bulletins that you sent them. May Allah continue to bless you in your efforts to help others. I shall keep you in my prayers.

Assalamu Alaikum

Brother Zaid
San Quentin

Dear Readers:

The Editors of the Islamic Bulletin have decided not to publish the remaining four questions that Tony Poldrugovac asked in the previous issue due to the fact that when his first question was answered, he came back with 15 other ones.

We find Tony's questions to be argumentative in nature and therefore, we have decided not to respond to any more questions. However, we have sent Tony's original questions to Ahmed Deedat, the famous Islamic scholar, who undoubtedly, answer him better than we were able to.

See 'Response by Ahmed Deedat'.


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