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Hadith on 'Anger'

"Give me some advice", someone asked. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, "Be not angry."

No person has drunk a better draught than he who has swallowed anger for God's sake.

Verily the most beloved of you to me and nearest to me in the next world are those of good disposition; and verily the greatest enemies to me and the furthest from me are the ill-tempered.

Verily, anger corrupts faith like as the juice of bitter plants corrupt honey.

Whoso suppresses his rage, while he has the power to show himself, God will call on him on the day of resurrection before all creation, and reward him exceedingly.

"Who do you imagine to be strong or powerful?" asked the Prophet (PBUH). "He who throws people down," replied his disciples. "Nay!" said the Prophet, "It is he who masters himself when angry."

Verily, anger is a live coal in the heart of the son of Man; do ye not see the redness of his eyes, and the swelling of his two juglar veins? ...Whoso then feels anything of that, let him stick to the earth.

When one of you is angry while standing, let him sit down; and if his anger goes off from him, (then well and good), otherwise let him lie down.

My Lord has bidden me do nine things: the fear of God in secret and in public; a just word amidst anger and pleasure, and a middle way in poverty and affluence; and that I perform my relative duties to him who cuts off all ties with me, and give to him who denies me, and forgive him who wrongs me, and that my silence be for reflection, and my speaking be for remembrance (of God), and my eye (sight) be to take example, and that I bid justice.

Abu Bakr relates that he heard the Holy Prophet (PBUH) say: "Let no judge decide a case between two parties while he is in a rage."

Verily, Anger is from Satan.


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