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Letters to the Editor

lettersThis is probably the strangest letter I have ever written, but here goes... I picked up your May 1998 issue of The Islamic Bulletin at a bus stop bench in Minneapolis while waiting to go home from work one evening. Thinking it was going to be a "hate filled terrorist devil-American" kind of thing, I started to read it just for fun, fully expecting to be horrified by its contents. What a complete shock when I started to see some of the principles Islam stands for. It was nothing like what I had been led to believe by the standard media hype about "Muslim Terrorists, etc". I saw beauty, grace, and mercy in the words of the Qur'an. Could this be a true representation of this 'crazy Arab' religion? Well, much to my surprise, I found out that not only is it not an "Arab" religion, but it certainly is not crazy. Nor is it 'hate-filled', but just the opposite! I saw tolerance, justice, guidance, fairness, understanding, and logic! My interest was piqued enough to actually go to the library on the weekend and obtain a copy of the Qur'an plus a few other books about Islam. You people are certainly keeping this wonderful gift a closely guarded secret! I have spent the last month reading everything I could on Islam and I think I am 'hooked'. As a middle-class white American 40-something male, I am stunned that this has happened to me!

With the freedoms and opportunities that America has to offer its people and a belief system such as seems to me to be an unbeatable combo! I do not see any conflict between being an American with all of our cultural perspectives and following Islam. As a matter of fact, I believe that Islam can offer Americans what has been missing for many of us from my generation...moral guidance, family values, honesty and integrity in daily life. I also believe that America has a lot to offer Islam if we take advantage of the good things this country has to offer - Freedom of religion, the Bill of Rights, etc. I can only see a benefit for Americans embracing Islam and a benefit to our beautiful country as well. Thanks so much for this 'awakening'. It has changed my life.


George Herbert
Minneapolis, MN


Dear George,

Thank you so much for your touching letter. The staff here at the Bulletin is very appreciative of your response and thank you for your contribution to the Bulletin.

We are receiving many inquiries from Americans like yourself and many new converts to Islam. This is why we have expanded The Islamic Bulletin to address the numerous questions we are getting regarding the basics of Islam. The demographics are definitely changing from what they were ten years ago. May Allah guide you and bless your efforts.

- Editor

Dear Editor,

I am ten years old and I would like you to make the Kid's Corner bigger and more fun. I like it but I think you should do more for us kids to help us learn about Islam. But my mom is sending a check with my letter so you will keep sending it to us. I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings by saying this. I got all the answers right in the last quiz but the answers for the blanks were not in order and at first I was confused, but then I figured it out. My little sister likes it too but I have to read it to her because she's small.

Thank you,

Yasmina Howard
Salt Lake City, UT


Dear Yasmina,

Thank you for writing to us. We are always happy to hear about what our readers would like in the Bulletin. In this issue we have expanded the Kid's Corner as you asked. We hope you like this months games. See if Mom or Dad knows all the Prophets! Also, one of the articles in World News is about an amazing 6 year old boy who can recite the whole Qur'an, which you might like reading about. Maybe your mom or dad will have to help. Thank you again for your subscription and your comments.

- Editor

Dear Editor,

I have recently become interested in Islam and took three buses and about 3 hours to go to a mosque in Southern California where I live, with the idea of obtaining a Qur'an and other Islamic literature. When I arrived there, I found that the Mosque was closed but on the front step was a copy of your newsletter. I helped myself to one, thinking that at least it would be interesting reading for the long bus ride home. I was surprised to find that I could not put it down. It explained many things I wanted the answers to ...basic questions about Islam. I am enclosing the price of a subscription and will look forward to future issues. Can you tell me where I can obtain a Qur'an and other material?

Tammy Ortiz
Los Angeles, CA


Dear Tammy,

We are so happy to hear that you found the Bulletin, enjoyed it, and found it of value. If you have a computer and Internet access there are a few sites for converts to Islam that also may be of help to you. And Insha'Allah (that means God Willing) we will have our site up soon. We are very impressed with your efforts to learn about Islam and the extent to which you went for the sake of knowledge. May Allah make it easy for you.

Best Wishes,
The Editor


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