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The Prophet Quiz

As Muslims, we must believe in all the prophets and messengers of Allah. Allah's guidance to mankind began with Adam (pbuh) and was completed with Muhammad (pbuh).

Below are the 25 Holy Prophets (peace be upon them) mentioned in the Holy Qur'an...can you match the names with the clues? Put them on the tree in the order in which they came to mankind.

How many of the Prophets can you name without looking?
Play this with Mom or Dad to see how many they can name!


Hud Mohammed
Idris (Enoch) Harun (Aaron)
Ismail Musa (Moses)
Adam Ayyub (Job)
Isa (Jesus) Al-Yasaa (Elijah)
Nuh (Noah) Zul-Kifl (Ezekiel)
Ibrahim (Abraham) Sulaiman (Solomon)
Ilyas (Elias) Zakariya
Ishaq (Issac) Lut (Lot)
Ya'qub (Jacob) Salih
Yusuf (Joseph) Yahya (John)
Shu'aib Yunus (Jonah)
Dawud (David)  

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  1. The first Man.
  2. A man of truth raised to a high station by Allah.
  3. Allah commanded him to build an Ark.
  4. The Prophet that was sent to the tribe of 'Ad.
  5. The Prophet that was sent to the tribe of Thamud. Warned the people not to kill the she camel.
  6. The nephew of Ibrahim. His wife was not saved from the shower of stones.
  7. Was the father of all Prophets who built the Ka'ba with his son, Ismail.
  8. The son of Ibrahim and Hagar who was to be sacrificed.
  9. The father of Ya'qub.
  10. He had 12 sons, one of which was Yusuf.
  11. This Prophet was able to interpret dreams and was said to be very handsome.
  12. Sent to the people of Midian and warned them not to cheat in weights and measures.
  13. This Prophet had great patience.
  14. Mentioned along with Ismail and Alyasaa.
  15. He parted the Red Sea with his stick and crossed with the children of Israel.
  16. The brother of Musa.
  17. He slew the giant Goliath. The father of Sulaiman.
  18. He knew the language of the birds. Sent a letter to the Queen of Saba (Bilqis). A mighty king.
  19. Warned his people not to worship the idol Ba'l.
  20. Mentioned with Ismail and Dhul-Kifl in the Qur'an.
  21. Swallowed by a whale.
  22. He took care of Miriam. The father of Yahya.
  23. He was the son of Zakariya.
  24. Son of Miriam (Mary), healed the blind and lepers.
  25. The last prophet sent by Allah for all mankind.


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