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Al-Qari CD from Soundvision

The reasonably priced Al-Qari CD from Soundvision ($49) enables learning and reciting of the Arabic alphabet and the Qur'an with your computer.

It's alphabet features include: Arabic letters with sounds in all shapes and forms; learning vowels in all positions; three different exercises for each letter; silent letters, recognizing letters in their different positions (shapes) in a word; substituting letters; combining sounds, letters and connecting words; comparing similar sounding letters with graphics, sounds and animation; multiple levels of learning from beginning to advanced; lots of exercises at every level of learning.

It's Qur'anic features include: Short surahs ( the last 10) broken down in letters, words, and verses for easy understanding and memorization; Maddah in its different forms and lengths; pauses /stops while reading Qur'an; all about Nunnation, Sukun and Shaddah; and the basics of Tajweed (the art of Qur'anic recitation). It's recording by Sheik Jamal Said, graduate of Madinah University, is clear and easy to follow. The use of multimedia is certainly easier than either books or tapes alone. With the ability to record your own voice for comparison and more than the last 10 surahs, it would certainly get a 5 Star rating. At this price, we definitely give it a 4 Star recommendation! PC and Mac compatible. Worth the money!



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