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Dawa with Taste

Starr Brand, Co. has found a new way of doing dahwa by providing halal meat products to the general public through American supermarkets. Al-Hamdulilah, 25 Lucky supermarkets are now carrying Starr Brand halal products in both the meat and grocery deli sections. These halal meats include hot, mild, and Creole sausages, beef franks, salami, and bologna. All of these products are made with the finest halal certified, USDA beef, and the meat processing is supervised and certified by the Islamic Community Protection Agency, or ICPA.

In order to continue to get these fine Halal products and support this effort of dahwa, you should support the Lucky supermarkets which carry these products.

Inshallah, Starr Brand will be available in all Lucky supermarkets in the very near future. For more information about ICPA or halal products call Starr Brand (800) 216-3133 pin #5434527.






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