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Silver Linings From a Muhajjibah

I was on my way to the grocery store today when I came to a busy intersection. Many cars were waiting to turn onto the street that I was crossing on foot. I paused to let a car go because I figured "maybe he/she is in a hurry; I can wait an extra second or two". But then we ended up doing that little hand wavy dance... "no, go ahead." "no, you go ahead." "no, no, you go ahead." You know what I mean? So finally I went ahead, and as I was stepping out of the crosswalk onto the curb, the person behind the wheel smiled. Well, that got me thinking...about the pros and cons of being a muhajjibah (veiled), and of being recognized as a Muslim.

CON: Sometimes bums assume that I am a religious person, so they try to get me to feel sorry for them so I'll give them money.

SILVER LINING: Extra opportunity for barakaat and da'wah.

CON: It's very hard for me to blend in some places, like county fairs; people look at me like I don't belong there, and I feel awkward.

SILVER LINING: I don't dare enter a bar or nightclub!

CON: Sometimes I am mistaken for a nun.

SILVER LINING: I get to hear non Muslims refer to me as "sister."

CON: Little kids stare at me rather rudely.

SILVER LINING: I get to startle them by smiling and waving. Then I get to see them smile and wave back, too.

CON: People don't bother to invite me to their parties.

SILVER LINING: I don't have to go to people's parties!

CON: Sometimes Muslims see me and look away like they are sorry they saw me.

SILVER LINING: Once in a while, I'll meet a Muslim who maybe isn't practicing, but is very happy to see me and will say to me, "It makes my heart feel good to meet a good Muslim."

Not that I'm that good or anything, but it's the thought that counts!

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