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We at the Islamic Bulletin are involved in numerous projects. Some of these include: producing and distributing almost 11,000 copies of this publication both here and abroad; providing Qur'an's and other Islamic materials and literature to prisons and inmates all over the United States; supplying school and public libraries with quality editions of the Holy Qur'an; keeping various hospitals and their chapels supplied; and sending Spanish Islamic materials for "forgotten Muslims" such as those in Nicaragua and elsewhere. Not only are we faced with purchase, production, printing, mailing, and postage expenses for the Bulletin, but also the many Qur'an's sent to prisoners and the ever increasing number of new converts. Won't you as fellow Muslims help with these worthy projects?

We are completely self-supporting, which means that we do not receive any grants or funding except from you, our readers, nor do we take any commercial ads in order to retain the purity of the publication. It is with this in mind and the need for support that we are putting out a very strong appeal for all of you to please do what you can to help. We have put together several plans which provide different levels of involvement. Islam is growing in America...won't you do your part to help with one of the following options?

1. We have recently received a very generous offer from the publishers of Amana Books and from the Foundation for Islamic Knowledge. When you order any of their excellent editions through the Islamic Bulletin, the proceeds will go directly to our efforts. This is definitely a "win-win" situation for all of receive the highest quality Islamic books and cards at excellent prices, your contributions are used for spreading the word of Allah, and we get to continue with our efforts. Please see insert for a listing of their exceptional books.

2. We are pleased to announce our association with MEF. When you sign up through The Islamic Bulletin and MEF for AT&T Long Distance service, 5% of your monthly bill is contributed to us in your name. If you already use AT&T, it's even easier...just sign up! This is a great way to offer your support without directly donating. It is contributed from AT&T on your phone bills of $25.00 or more. No cost to you! EXTRA BONUS! If you switch to AT&T you'll receive $180 in discounts on your next 6 months phone service! Easy, free and a great way to help. Please fill out the coupon below and return to us.

3. With your contribution to The Islamic Bulletin we would like to send you a THANK YOU gift! We are offering a variety of Sponsorship levels. Please be generous in helping us spread Islam in America.

Level of Support

Thank You Gift

$ 25 Sponsorship

One Year Subscription to The Islamic Bulletin

$ 50 Sponsorship

Subscription plus The Glorious Qur'an (Yusuf Ali)

$ 100 Sponsorship

Subscription plus Three Amana Children's Books

$ 150 - $250 Sponsorship

Subscription plus Yusuf Islam Video (Excellent!)

$ 250 and up Sponsorship

Subscription plus High Quality Islamic Adhan Watch

$ Other

Please Be Generous

Spend (on charity), O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.

4. Can you help the many prisoners in American jails wanting to learn about Islam in order to change their lives? These inmates need our continuing support and encouragement to effect the necessary changes when they are returned to society. Won't you make a direct contribution on their behalf for Qur'an's, "How to Pray" books, and other much needed items. Please be generous and help guide someone to Islam.


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Ramadan 1419
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