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Sayings of the Prophet

The Prophet (SAW) said,

The more you keep silent, the more you are safe. (Tirmidhi)

Many people overlook two graces: health and leisure time. (Bukhari)

The dearest deed to Allah is that which is done regularly, though it is less. (Bukhari)

Wealth never decreases due to charity. (Muslim)

This world is ever-green and charming (but the Hereafter is far better). (Tirmidhi)

Spread Salam (greeting) so as to enter Paradise safely. (Tirmidhi)

Beware of miserliness because it caused destruction to those before you. (Muslim)

Charity in secrecy cools down Allah's wrath (i.e. pleases Him). (Al-Jami)

A slanderer will not be allowed to enter Paradise. (Agreed upon)

Everything that intoxicates is Haram (forbidden). (Agreed upon)

Be honest in your gatherings (i.e., neither backbite others, nor disclose their secrets). (Al-Jami)

He, who neither shows mercy to the youngers nor respects the elders, is not one of us. (Al-Jami)

And do not spy (on brother Muslims). (Bukhari)

Worship the All-Gracious (Allah) and offer food (to the poor). (Ibn Majah)

A Muslim is never allowed to stay angry with his brother Muslim over three days, because he who does that, then dies, will go to Hell. (Abu Dawud)

Wealth is not the possession of many goods; rather, the (actual) wealth is the self-contentment. (Bukhari)

Do not eat with the left hand, for the Satan does so. (Muslim)

If you are humble for the sake of Allah, He will raise your position. (Muslim)

He who believes in Allah and the Last Day, should either say something good or keep silent. (Agreed)

Live in this world as if you are a stranger or a passer-by. (Bukhari)

The World is like a prison for a believer, while it is paradise for a disbeliever. (Muslim)

The strong (Muslim) is not he who wrestles, but he who controls himself when angry. (Agreed upon)

He, who advises someone to do good, he will get equal in reward. (Al-Jami)

Verily, deeds depend upon the intentions. (Agreed upon)

A Muslim is the one who avoids harming Muslims with his tongue and hands. (Agreed upon)

The severer of Kinship bonds will not enter Paradise. (Muslim)

Perform a good deed after an evil; this will cause to eliminate the evil. (Tirmidhi)

He, who cheats us, is not one of us (Muslims). (Muslim)

Save yourself from the Hell-Fire even if by half a date (in Charity). (Bukhari)

Verily, Muslims are brothers of one another. (Agreed upon)

O Allah, there is no life except the life of Hereafter. (Muslim)

Behave with people with good manners. (Tirmidhi)

A nice word is a charity (in reward). (Bukhari)

Verily, every good (deed) is a charity. (Bukhari)

Purity is a part of faith. (Muslim)

Fear Allah wherever you are. (Tirmidhi)


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