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Letters to the Editor

On Sunday, February 17, 1991, Nidal received an invitation to speak about Islam at a church in Tulare, a town about 40 miles from Fresno. The Gulf War was about a month old and public awareness of Islam was great. When Nidal came into town around 11 o'clock in the morning, he noticed that the whole town was covered with American flags and yellow ribbons, and later he learned that a lot of young men from Tulare had been sent to the Gulf.

Most of the congregation in this church were middle-aged and were curious to see Nidal dressed in Arabian dress. After a few remarks, Nidal was introduced to the congregation. He started his talk by telling the meaning of the words, 'Islam' and 'Muslim'. He also explained the principles of Iman and Islam and then he let the congregation choose the topics they wanted to explore.

The first topic they chose was that of the place, rights, and duties of women in Islam. He explained that Islam put women in a situation where they were not to be used, abused, or humiliated unjustly. He explained that women are given their place in society to function best as mothers in the family unit.

The second topic was about the life of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and his lifestyle. Nidal explained about the life of the Prophet and his teaching. He mentioned the story of Omar (R.A.) when he opened Jerusalem.

The last topic was about the Gulf War. Here, Nidal explained about the history of Islam expansion.

At the end of Nidal's talk, he was asked to pray. He told everybody to raise their hands and asked The Almighty to give them guidance. Ameen!

The letter by Nidal was edited without changing the facts to accommodate space.

Assalamu Alaikum
Dear Editor,

I have bow living here in San Francisco for two years now and I have found very few Islamic activities for the families. Unlike other major city masjids, the Islamic Center of S.F. does not have activities planned for families. I also do not see women involved very much in the Masjid. Is there a reason for this? I would love to find out how I can become involved with some other Muslim sisters to plan activities for our children.

Thank you!
Wa Alaikum Salem


Sumay al Saleh
Thank you for your letter. This is a very big concern of all Muslim families and is something that all of us need to work on. Presently we have a telephone number which will coordinate these activities, provide locations for prayers, answer questions, and provide literature about Islam both for Muslims as well as non-Muslims. The number to call is 415-552-8831.

Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate you first for a wonderful start in your bulletin. I would like to suggest in your food section to provide recipes of different Islamic dishes, from members of different countries in the world.


M. Tuqan, Richmond
We will start a section with recipes. We request from everybody to please mail us some recipes, so that we can start this section in the next issue.

Please start participating by sending us your letters, comments or suggestions so that we can make 'The Islamic Bulletin' your favorite one.

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March 1991
Ramadan 1411
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