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List of Publishers

Listed below are some of the major publishers and distributors for the Islamic publications, including the Holy Qur'an: (Some of these organizations are non-profit organizations and the revenues generated are applied towards Islamic Community Projects.)

American Trust Publications
10900 W Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46231
Ph: (317) 839-9248
Fax: (317) 839-2511
(Excellent!! Ask for their catalog)

Amana Corporation
4411 41st Street
Brentwood, MD 20722
Ph: (301) 779-7777
Fax : (301) 779-0570
(To order the Qur'an by Yusuf Ali)

Al'Furqan Academy
P.O. Box 1546
Norcross, GA 30091
Ph: 1-800-624-0665
Fax: (404) 840-0132
(Excellent selection of kids' materials)

P.O. Box 160625
Cupertino, CA 95016
Ph: (408) 746-0770
(Selection of Islamic Audio, Video, Computer material)

Ingram Press
P.O. Box 1451
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Ph: (319) 366-5335
(Limited Islamic Selections)
(To order the Gospel of Barnabas)

Kazi Publications, Inc.
3023 W Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618
Ph: (312) 267-7001
Fax: (312) 267-70025
(Huge selection of Islamic material)

The Islamic Bulletin
P.O. Box 410186, San Francisco, CA 94141-0186

March 1991
Ramadan 1411
Letters to the Editor
The Virtues of Fasting
Qur'an and Science
Fasting (Siyam)
The Kid's Corner
Women in Islam
The Prophet Sheth
The Prophet Idris
Islamic Dietary Laws
Teachings of the Prophet
Why I Embraced Islam
List of Publishers