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Cook's Corner

Ruz Bukhari
By Rukaya Bahamdun


- 1 chicken (cut in serving pieces or 1 lb meat with bones)
- 1 chopped onion
- 1 chopped carrot
- 7 fresh tomatoes (puree in blender)
- Salt, pepper to taste
- ½ teaspoon cumin seeds
- approx. 10-15 whole cardamon seeds
- 10-15 cloves (lightly chop with mortar)
- 1 stick of cinnamon
- 2 cups of washed rice


1. Sauté onions and carrot in oil.
2. Add chicken or meat and all spices and continue to cook. (You might need to add a little water.)
3. When chicken is halfway done, add the tomato puree. Continue to cook over low heat until chicken is done. Be careful not to overcook.
4. Remove chicken from pot and set aside.
5. Now add rice to pot and cook on low until just barely cooked. You might need to add ½ cup water for rice to be done. Please be careful not to overcook rice because you do not want mushy rice.

To serve, place rice on platter and add chicken on top.

Optional-Garnish with fried almonds and raisins on top for a most exquisite and delicious dish.


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August 2000
Jumaada 1420
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