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Eid Stamp & Poster

Most of you may know that United States Postal Service has issued the new stamp which says "Eid Mubarak" in Arabic and "Eid Greetings" in English. The Eid stamp is an important stepping stone for the recognition of Islam in this country.

According to the US Postal Office, if the Eid Stamp is re-issued THREE times, it then becomes a PERMANENT part of the United States Holiday Collection. For this to happen, we must ask for the Eid stamp each time you go to the post office.

Here is what you can do:

1. Buy these Stamps from the post office, use them yourselves or gift them to your friends, neighbors and encourage them to use on their greeting cards this season. Encourage businesses to use these stamps especially for Greetings to their Muslim Customers. At times the person on the front desk is unaware of these stamps and somewhat nonchalantly responds that the Post Office is out of these stamps. We suggest that you very politely request that they check in the back to make sure that there really are "no Eid Stamps".

If the Post Office doesn't have them ask them to order them. You can order these stamps online by calling 1-800-stamp24 or by going to: Click on "buy stamps".

2. Donate a pane of 20 stamps $6.80 worth or more by listing it on E-Bay in its "Auction for America" and participate in helping those who suffered from the September 11 tragedy.

USPS To Reprint Poster That Excluded Eid Stamp

November 14, 2001 - "The U.S. Postal Service today is reproducing its Holiday Stamp promotional posters in local post offices in response to recent concerns raised by the American Muslim community. Due to an oversight, an image of the Eid stamp, which commemorates two important Islamic festivals, was left off the promotional posters.

The Postal Service deeply regrets the oversight and is reprinting the holiday posters depicting the Eid stamp. They will be available for sale at post offices this Holiday season.

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Eid Stamp & Poster