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I'd give her my life just so that she'd live longer.

I'd give her my strength to make her stronger.

I'd take away her tears so that she'd never cry.

I'd take away her frowns so that her smile could never die.

I'll always be there for her whenever she needs me.

If I could I'd give her happy thoughts that only she could see.

Though one of these days she'll be gone she'll always be my mom
with every day that goes on.



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December 2001
Ramadan 1422
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Islamic World News
Many in Hawaii
Turning to Islam
Surviving Our Enemy
Women in Islam
The Miracles of Zamzam
Islam is the Fastest Growing Religion
Dawah - Our Obligation
Wisdom in Islam
Stories of the Sahabah
Events Foretold
in the Quran
Math in the Quran
Letter From Mecca by Malik El-Shabazz
Why I Embraced Islam
Eating Together
The Miracle
of the Ant
Sand and Stone
Ramadan Soup
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Imagine When
You Die
Eid Stamp & Poster