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After Ramadan Even though Ramadan is ending, we all have to make sure it stays with us. How, might you ask? Everybody knows that Ramadan lasts only for a month, 29 or 30 wonderful days. This special month is a time to get closer to Allah (SWT), physically and mentally. And we have to take care not to lose this closeness with Allah (SWT).

We know that Ramadan is a very special time in our lives. In addition to the obvious, fasting from sunrise to sunset, we must also abstain from so many other things. One added bonus that comes with fasting is that we actually learn to be more kind to those around us.

Since we strive to strengthen our bodies with both the physical and mental power that we need to complete our fasts, let's take that a step further and make it last throughout the year. It takes real devotion to Allah to fast for His sake only. There is a hadith narrated by Sufyaan ibn 'Abdallah (RA) who said, "O Messenger of Allah (SAW), tell me something about Islam, which I cannot ask anyone else besides you." He (SAW) replied, "Say, 'I believe in Allah' and then be steadfast (upon that)." Saheeh Muslim

This hadith is proof that we are obligated, after having faith in Allah, to be steadfast in obeying Allah by performing the obligatory acts and avoiding the prohibited ones. This is achieved by following the Straight Path, which is Islam. If a Muslim lives through Ramadan and spent his days in fasting and his nights in prayer and he accustomed himself to doing acts of good, then he must continue to remain upon this obedience to Allah at all times.

In fact, steadfastness after Ramadan is the greatest sign that one has gained benefit from the month of Ramadan. These are the real signs of a successful Ramadan. Furthermore, the deeds of a Muslim do not come to an end with the end of Ramadan. Rather, they continue and extend throughout the year. Allah (SWT) says, "And worship your Lord until the certainty (death) comes to you." (Al Hijr; 99)

When the fasting of Ramadan comes to an end, then indeed the voluntary fast is prescribed throughout the entire year. When standing in prayer at night in Ramadan comes to an end, then indeed the entire year is a time for performing the night prayer. And if zakat ul fitr comes to an end then there is still the zakat that is still obligatory as well as the voluntary charity that lasts the whole year. This goes the same for reciting the Quran and pondering over its meaning, as well as every other good deed that was sought, for these can be performed at all times. Therefore, the zeal that was felt throughout Ramadan must continue through the whole year.

It is unfortunate to find that some people perform worship by doing righteous deeds only during Ramadan. They guard strictly upon their five daily prayers, they recite Quran, and they give charity. But when Ramadan comes to an end, they grow lazy in their worship. Sometimes, they even abandon their obligation entirely.

Truly, there is much reward that Allah grants his servant in the fasting of Ramadan. Allah (SWT) says in the Quran, "He wants that you must complete the same number of days and that you must magnify Allah (by saying Allah Akbar) for having guided you, so that you may be grateful to Him." (Quran 2: 185)

Ramadan is a time to correct and change our habits that we have acquired over the year without the whispers of Satan. For now is the time in which Shaytan is locked up and he does not have the chance to twist our thoughts and change our good actions. The first step is always hard to take, but Ramadan is the time to do it. So after Ramadan, may we all try to keep up with our good deeds—praying at the correct times, charity to the less fortunate, and genuinely being more patient and kind with one another.

May Allah (SWT) shower us with blessings, forgive
our sins and grant us all Paradise. Ameen!


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