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Letters to the Editor

lettersDear Editor,

I would like you to know that I love your newsletter and would like to share an article which I wrote, "Our Own Kahf", with your readers.

"For they, if they should come to know you, will stone you or turn you back to their religion; then ye will never prosper." (Surat-Al-Kahf Ayat 20)

This particular ayat in Surat Al-Kahf, or The Cave, is referring to a group of young men who had dwelled in a cave for some time. When one of these young men went into the city with a silver coin to buy food he was warned of the people therein who would turn him "...back to their religion..." if they should come to know of him. Some might read this story, in particular this ayat, and view it as a time far off and distant, but upon deeper probing and a pinch of reflection one will see the relation to our present day and age, our present situation.

Let me explain. Kahf means a "Place of refuge; protection from trouble, danger, or pursuit; place to hide; place to go into hiding; cavern; cage; refuge." Now, when we are in our homes (or a Mosque for that matter) are we not in our own personal place of refuge? Our own "Cave"? I think it is safe to say yes. However, eventually we must venture out of our homes (or the mosque), out of our refuge into the city, into the populace. When we do so we are amongst men (and women) of different religions-- whether it be the religion of gangs, the religion of drugs, the religion of lust and sexual sin, or even the religion of hate.

It is proven that none of these "religions of man" bring true happiness and peace; quite the contrary they give birth to misery and pain some sooner, some later. As the saying goes: "misery loves company", and in light of this we conclude that when we (Muslimun) are amongst them (Kafirun) they will proceed to cast their religion of choice on us, or at least attempt to.

Several things can then occur but two jump to mind immediately. The first, after exhaustively searching for ways to "convert" you (and altogether failing) in a bout of loathing and seething, they strike against you (really against what you stand for: Islam) hence, they "...will stone you..." The second (and by far worse), in their pernicious effort to cajole you into their wicked system of belief you strike against them, not out of justice but out of hate. And with that they have succeeding in turning " back to their religion..."in this instance, hate. Allah (SWT) goes on to say "...then ye will never prosper."

For if we give into the religion(s) of Kafirun we will by then have forsaken our own, and when we abandon our Islamic values we become of the Shayatin. When we are in our place of refuge, our "Cave", we should be building and strengthening our Faith, our Islam, so when we do have to wander into the city, Inshallah, we will be able to ward off the Kafirun and the Shayatin. We will be able to take on the position of the moon in respect to Allah's sunlight: a reflection of purity and perfection.

Luqman Muzzamil,
San Quentin, California


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