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Hajj - Another Pillar of Islam

On the Road to HajjHajj is one of the pillars of Islam. Yet, perhaps because a Muslim must only complete it once in his/her lifetime, it often gets forgotton. The Declaration of Faith (the Shahadah), the 5 daily prayers, the fast in Ramadan, and the charity are practiced throughout a Muslim's life. However, the Hajj is something which is many times put off until a Muslim is older. How can I make the Hajj and become a Hajji when I am so young? Somehow, we only remember the older men and women as hajjis. It probably doesn't help that we know very few "young" Hajjis.

Young or old, Hajj is an obligatory act in Islam. If a Muslim is able to make the Hajj and can afford to do so, it should not be postponed for "later", when I get older. I remember once being asked by a friend of mine if it was o.k. that she make the hajj with her husband since she did not wear hijab. She had explained that she was not comfortable going on hajj since she was disobeying one of Allah's commands (wearing the hijab) and yet, she said that she was not ready to wear the hijab permanently. I looked through many books and referred her to a local Imam to answer her question. She was told to go on the Hajj with her huusband, even though she was not wearing hijab. Where everyone thinks that they have to be a "perfect" Muslim for their Hajj to be accepted is in fact, untrue. Hajj is a Fard (mandatory obligation) that must be completed once in a Muslim's life. So, if you are able to make the journey of Hajj, do not delay.

Immediately after we got married, my husband and I went on the Hajj. I am very thankful to Allah to have completed my Hajj before the responsibilities of children came along. And last year, Alhamdullilah, after many years, I was blessed once again to have journeyed to the House of Allah and make the Hajj again. This time, I made the Hajj with my father and mother, an experience which I will never forget.

The story of how the Hajj guide came into existence, in fact, started by my taking this second trip to Hajj. While busy preparing for my trip, I began reading the rituals of Hajj and learning as much as I could before departing. I even took a one-day seminar that was given at the masjid (May Allah reward Imam Tahir Anwar for a most terrific class) so that I would be sure that nothing would be left out. Inshallah, I wanted a complete and perfect Hajj. Knowing that carrying a small Hajj pamphlet around Mecca, with millions of people crammed together would be quite difficult for me, my husband decided to make a one-page hajj guide. And this is how the initial project of making this hajj guide began.

Alhumdullilah, the Islamic Bulletin now compiles this one page Hajj and Umrah guide. Because it is so concise, many people have commented that it makes the details of the Hajj less confusing. One will find each step clearly broken down, without having to flip through various pages of different books.

This guide provides all the basics and much more information to assist you:

Below, you will find a copy of this Hajj and Umrah guide. We encourage you to download extra copies and share with your Muslim friends who are going on Hajj. In addition to English and Arabic, the guide is also available in Albanian, Amharic, Bengali Chinese, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Sinhalese, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Tigranya, Turkish, and Urdu.

We are always interested in translating this guide in other languages, as well. If you are capable of translating or know someone who is able to do so, please contact us.

Download Hajj and Umrah Guide letter size in pdf format (266 KB)

For additional sizes, formats, and languages, please click here.


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