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California Prayer Locations

prayer locationsOne of the ways in which we can continue with our good deeds after Ramadan is to make sure that we are careful to keep our Salat (prayer). So in the following pages you will find an updated Mosque list for both Northern and Southern California. This prayer location list was designed with phone numbers, addresses, web addresses if available, and driving directions to help Muslims find prayer locations easily. In fact, if you click here, you can choose the mosque that you would like to visit. This online version allows you to type in your address and it will prepare driving directions for you.

In addition, if you type in your address in the Qibla locator, it will create a red line pointing to the Qibla. This will help you in knowing the direction in which to pray. May Allah reward the people who have designed these two features, which enable us to pray and find masjids easily.

Remember, the Holy Prophet (SAW) said, "Salat (prayer) is the first act that the person will be accountable for."

Download California Prayer Locations in pdf format (82.8KB) Updated Version

Mosque Locations with Google Maps

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