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Kid's Corner

Crossword Puzzle


1. First person to accept Islam
3. The Prophet's (Pbuh) son-inlaw
6. The first Khalifa (RA)
7. The language spoken in Sudan
8. Total (3)
9. Noor in English
11. Ask Allah
12. Taxi
14. Verse of the Quran
16. The name of the city where The Taj Mahal is located.
17. The script used by blind people.
18. Difficult


1. Baithullah
2. The uncle who looked after the Prophet.
3. Al-Naml in English
4. Haj Pilgrim's attire
5. 30th chapter of the Quran
8. Damascus is the capital of _________
9. Bigger
10. Chop
13. Red as a _______
14. First Prophet of Allah
15. _______ and hearty

Remember... To say Bismillah before you eat!

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