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Letters to the Editor

lettersDear Editor,

I found this very touching piece about the relationship between a father and his child. I hope you include it in your next newsletter.

Farid Mirza
Fairfield, CA

Dear Farid,

Asalamu Alaikum. Thank you so much. The editors also found this article very touching. We are sure that our readers will enjoy it too.

When I was 4 Yrs Old : My father is THE BEST.

When I was 6 Yrs Old: My father seems to know everyone.

When I was 10 Yrs Old: My father is excellent but he is short tempered.

When I was 12 Yrs Old: My father was nice when I was little.

When I was 14 Yrs Old: My father started being too sensitive.

When I was 16 Yrs Old : My father can't keep up with modern times.

When I was 18 Yrs Old : My father is getting less tolerant as the days pass by.

When I was 20 Yrs Old : It is too hard to forgive my father, how could my mom stand him all these years.

When I was 25 Yrs Old : My father seems to be objecting to everything I do.

When I was 30 Yrs Old: It's very difficult to be in agreement with my father, I wonder if my grandfather was troubled by my father when he was a youth.

When I was 40 Yrs Old: My father brought me up with a lot of discipline, I must do the same.

When I was 45 Yrs Old: I am puzzled, how did my father manage to raise all of us.

When I was 50 Yrs Old : It's rather difficult to control my kids, how much did my father suffer for the sake of upbringing and protecting us.

When I was 55 Yrs Old: My father was far looking and had wide plans for us, he was gentle and outstanding.

When I became 60 Yrs Old: My father is THE BEST.

Note that it took 56 Yrs to complete the cycle and return to the starting point "My father is THE BEST".

Let's be good to our parents before it's too late and pray to Allah that our own children will treat us even better than the way we treated our parents. Allah(SWT) says:

"Your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him and show kindness to parents. If one or both reach old age with you then do not say uff! to them nor repulse them, but speak graciously to them." {Quran: Surah Al-Isra 17 : Ayah (verse) 23}

"O our lord, forgive me and my parents, and (all) believers, on the Day that the Reckoning will be established!" {Quran: Surah Ibrahim 14: Ayah 41}

"O my Lord, have mercy on them (parents) just as they
nourished me when I was small."
{Quran: Surah Al-Isra: 17 Ayah (verse) 24}

Dear Readers,

Our aim is to bring you relevant articles and uplifting messages on Islam, and it is intended to remind you what a beautiful and peaceful religion Islam really is. With all the published negativity about our religion, it is oftentimes easy to feel daunted; we desire to do the opposite. If you're a first time visitor to Islam, we hope to tweak your interest so that you can discover the beauty and truth of this religion yourself. If you are a Muslim who needs to find your way 'back' to Islam, we hope something in this issue entices you to recall the peace that Islam can offer.

Thank you all for making the Islamic Bulletin the wonderful publication that it is! On a final note, the message team is always looking for 'new blood' to help the magazine continue to grow, Inshallah. So if you're willing to donate some time in seeking the pleasure of Allah, then contact us. Let your skills benefit an entire community! With your help, Insha'Allah, the Bulletin can grow to be even more successful and reach more people.

We have dedicated a video hymn in English and Arabic. Watch this video and ponder on the words. Inshallah we must all take a good look at the lifestyles we are leading. The Prophet (SAW) explained that actions are according to their ending, so be careful on how your ending will be. None of us have any guarantee that Paradise awaits for us. Now is the time, especially during Ramadan, to repent to Allah and begin to lead true Islamic lifestyles, Insha'Alla.

On page 20, we conclude this issue of "The Islamic Bulletin" with the Prophet's (SAW) last sermon before his death. In it, the Prophet (SAW) addressed several issues:

The Prophet (SAW)directed his Speech to all humankind. He used the term "O People" seven times. He used the terminology "O Men" once. In the farewell address, the Prophet (SAW) did not use the terminology "O Muslims" or "O Believer. The Prophet (SAW) addressed all people regardless of their religions, colors or times. It contained advice for all future generations to come...Us!

We are grateful to the volunteers for all their help with "The Islamic Bulletin". They wanted to remain anonymous so we ask our readers to remember them in your duas this Holy Month.

May Allah grant them Jannatul Firdous (The highest level of Paradise). Happy Ramadan, Eid Mubarak and Happy Reading!!



Editor, Islamic Bulletin
P.O. Box 410186
San Francisco, CA 94141-0186 USA

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