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Stories of the Sahabah

Ammaar (R.A.A.)

Ammaar (R.A.A.) and his parents were also subjected to the severest affiliations. They were tormented on the scorching sands of Mecca.

The Holy Prophet (S.AW.), while passing by them, would enjoin patience giving them glad tidings about paradise. Ammar's father Yasir (R.A.A.) died after prolonged sufferings at the hands of persecutors and his mother Sumyya (R.A.A.) was killed by a spear from Abu Jahl. Sumyya (R.A.A.) had refused to renounce Islam in the face of terrible torture in her old age. The blessed lady was the first to meet martyrdom in the cause of Islam.

The first Masjid (mosque in Islam was built by Ammaar (R.A.A.). When the Prophet (S.A.W.) emigrated to Medina, Ammaar (R.A.A.) offered to build a structure for him where he could sit, take rest in the afternoon, and perform his Salat under its roof. He built the Masjid in Kab'ah. He fought against the enemies of Islam with great zeal and courage. During one of the battles Ammaar (R.A.A.) asked for water but was offered some milk. He graciously accepted it and said: "I am to meet my friends very soon; I am to meet the Prophet (S.A.W.) and his companions. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) had told me that the milk shall he my last drink in this worldly life." He then fought till he met his coveted end. At the time of his death, Ammaar (R.A.A.) was 94 years of age. To be able to please The Almighty, was really the Sahahah's (Companions) greatest achievement, and the sole purpose of their life.


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