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The Kids Corner

Q: 1. Does eating or drinking nullify one's Wudhu (Ablution)?

A: No, eating or drinking does not nullify one's Wudhu.

Q: 2. Is it OK to turn one's face around during Salah (Prayer)?

A: No, it is not OK to turn one's face around during Salah.

Q: 3. If you were performing prayer (Salah) and saw that your younger brother is about to touch a hot steaming iron, what should you do?

A: Leave Salah, move the younger brother away from danger, and then complete the Salah (Prayer).

Q: 4. Mention the names of some of the Sahabah (Prophet's companions) who traveled with him on his first migration.

A: These are a few of the Sahabahs (The Prophet's companions) who traveled with the Holy Prophet on the first migration:
a) Uthman ibn Affan b) Az-Zubair ibn Al-Awwan c) Mus'ab ibn Umair

Q: 5. Mention some of the names of the Holy Prophet's children.

A: These are the names of few of the Holy Prophet's children:
a) Al-Qassem d) Rukayah g) Fatimah
b) At-Tayyeb e) Zainab  
c) At-Taher f) Um Kolthoum  
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Moharram 1412
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