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Stories of the Sahabah

The Valor and Heroism of Musab-bin-Umair (RAA)

Musab-bin-Umair (RAA) had been brought up in great love and affection by his well-to-do parents. Before embracing Islam, he lived in luxury and comfort.

It is said that he was the most well-dressed youth of Mecca. He embraced Islam in its early days, without his parents' knowledge. However, when they came to know of it, they got very upset and restricted him from going out. At the first opportunity, Musab-bin-Umair (RAA) escaped and emigrated to Abyssinia and then to Madinah. An individual brought up in comfort and luxury was now living a life of abstinence and austerity.

In the battle of Uhud, Musab-bin-Umair (RAA) held the flag of Islam. When the Muslims on meeting defeat were dispersing in confusion, Musab-bin-Umair (RAA) held the flag and stood at his post like a rock. An enemy soldier came and cut off his hand with a sword, so that the flag might fall down and proclaim defeat for the Muslims. Musab-bin-Umair (RAA) at once grabbed the flag in the other hand. The enemy soldier then slashed the other hand. Musab-bin-Umair (RAA) still stood clinging the flag to his bosom with the help of his bleeding arms. Lastly, an enemy arrow pierced through him, and Musab-bin-Umair (RAA) fell dead on the battlefield. But as long as he was alive, he did not let the flag go down. Immediately, another Muslim ran and took over the flag.

At the time of his burial, Musab-bin-Umair (RAA) had only one sheet to cover his body. This sheet was too short for his size. When it was drawn to cover his head, the feet remained exposed and vice versa. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: "Cover his head with the sheet, and his feet with the Azkhar' leaves." Such was the end of a youth who was brought up in luxury and comfort. Once an individual develops faith, it makes the individual forget everything else, whether be it wealth, luxury or life itself. Musab-bin-Umair (RAA), a true hero and one of the great martyrs.

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