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The Story of Umme Hakim (R.A.)

Umme Hakim (R.A.) was the wife of Akrimah-bin-Abi-Jahl. She participated in the battle of Uhud on the enemy side. She embraced Islam on the fall of Mecca. She loved her husband very much, who would not embrace Islam, on account that his father despised Islam. After the fall of Mecca, her husband fled to Yemen. Umme Hakim (R.A.) secured a pardon for him from the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and joined her husband in Yemen and induced him to return back home. She told him, "You can be safe from the sword of Mohammad (pbuh) only when you put yourself in his lap." She returned with him to Madinah, where Akrimah embraced Islam and the couple began to live together happily.

They both participated in the Syrian war during the Caliphate of Abu Bakr (RAA). During another battle, Akrimah was killed. Umme Hakim (R.A.) was remarried to another Mujahid, Khalid-bin-Said (RAA). It was at a place called Marja-us-Safr that her husband wanted to meet her. She said: "We have enemy concentrating on all fronts. We shall meet after they are done away with." Khalid-bin-Said (RAA) said: "I am not sure if I will survive this battle." They then shared the bed for the first time in a tent at that place. Next day, Khalid-bin-Said (RAA) was arranging for the Walimah when the enemy attacked with full force and he was killed in the battle.

Umme Hakim (RAA) packed up her tent and other luggage, and with a tent-peg in her hand, jumped in the battle and fought ferociously with the enemy till she had killed seven of them. In times of war, not to speak of woman, but even no man would like to get married under such circumstances. Speaking of courage and valor, instead of mourning the loss of her husband on the day of his death, she rushed into the battlefield and killed seven of the enemy soldiers single handed. What could be a better proof of the strength of Imaan (faith) in the women of those times?

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