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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I learned about Islam through a co-worker in 1989. As I began reading the Holy Koran, I found many interesting things. I like how honor and respectable behavior is stressed in all Muslims.

Having lived 22 years in what I deem a corrupt American society, these teachings were a breath of fresh air. I am interested in knowing where I can find additional literature on Islam. I have read a lot about it in the library and I have also attended several forums presented by the Islamic group at S.F. State University. I would also be interested in an article about inter-faith marriages between Moslems and Catholics. I have really enjoyed your "Islamic Bulletin" and would like to subscribe to it and receive it regularly.

- Maria Fernandez, San Francisco


Dear Maria,

Thank you for your letter and your interest in the Islamic Bulletin. I agree an article about inter-faith marriages would be of great interest to our readers.

Readers, please send your articles or stories on the above topic.

Dear Editor:

I found a copy of the Islamic Bulletin, Vol I, No. 2, Ramadan issue. It is marvelous. Could you please send me a collection of the same? I am a Muslim, and Afghan, a cultural servant and an editor of the Nama-e-Khorassan. I will send you soon a copy of my magazine and a Tafsir which I have published here. Hoping to hear from you soon.

- G H Koshan, Hayward

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January 1992
Jumada 1412
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