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The Kids Corner

Q: 1. What is the name of the angel of death?

A: The name of the angel of death is Angel Izrail.

Q: 2. Name the two uncles of Prophet who embraced Islam.

A: The names of the 2 Prophet's uncles are Hazrat Hamza (R.A.A.) and Hazrat Abbas (R.A.A.).

Q: 3. Name the youngest commander of Islam.

A: The youngest commander of Islam is Usama bin Zaid (R.A.A.).

Q: 4. Through which angel did God reveal the Holy Qur'an?

A: The Holy Qur'an was revealed through the Archangel Jibraeel.

Q: 5. How many Surahs are there in the Holy Qur'an?

A: There are 114 Surahs in the Holy Qur'an.

Q: 6. Which was the Qibla before Ka'ba?

A: Bait-ul-Maqdis was the Qibla before the Ka'ba.
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January 1992
Jumada 1412
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