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Islamic World News

Bay Area Muslims Spend Time in Jail

San Quentin: Nine Bay Area Muslims have begun visiting and teaching Islamic classes to both the Muslim inmates and newcomers to Islam. The number of Muslims has increased to 300 with many more interested in converting.

Every 3rd and 4th Thursday of each month visits are held between 6:00 and 9:00 pm. Islamic talks and Arabic classes are also held weekly, as well as daily and Jumha prayers. There is also a full-time Imam present, along with a library of books and Islamic videos. If you would like to donate Islamic reading materials contact Imam Rafiq Hassan at 415-454-1460 (Extension 2377).

Bulgaria's Muslims Can Adopt Islamic Names

Sofia: Bulgaria's 1.5 million Muslims can now adopt Islamic names. The country's parliament passed a bill allowing the ethnic Turk and Pomak Muslims to take Islamic names and also allowing them to revert to their original names which were forcibly changed to Bulgarian-Slavic origin under a policy of assimilation. The parliament took up the bill on a priority basis when 3000 Pomack Muslims made sit-in protests around the building. Ever since the departure of the repressive regime of Todor Zhivkov, the new Bulgarian government has been pursuing a policy of liberalization.

Baitul Qur'an Opened

Manama: "Baitul Qur'an", $10 million academy-museum designed to promote Islamic studies and preserving rare manuscripts of the Qur'an was inaugurated. The "Baitul Qur'an" is a two storied building with marble tiled exterior which resembles pages of the Qur'an with engraved verses and chiselled classical Islamic Art embellishments. The center comprises a mosque, school, lecture hall, library and museum. The mosque has about 80,000 volumes related to Qur'anic research in Arabic, English, and French. The library provides special facilities for scholars and researches complete with word processors, stenographers and recording devices. There is also a museum with a collection of the world's "most valuable and priceless manuscripts of the Qur'an."

Nudity Banned on the Algerian Beaches

Algiers: Islamic Front controlled Municipalities in several towns and cities of Algeria have introduced unisex schools and banned obscene dresses on beaches along the Mediterranean coast. It has also banned "Ra" music, a kind of Arabic rock music eulogizing love, sex, and youthful revolts. These wide ranging reforms within a month of Islamic Salvation Front's stunning success in the country's first ever multiparty elections have been widely welcomed in the country which had hitherto been ruled by socialists. Alcoholic beverages are also being phased and the distribution of non-alcoholic drinks is being reorganized.


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