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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:


Five brothers and I had the chance, with the mercy of God, to visit the Muslim community in Brazil. There are about 4-6 million Muslims living in Brazil consisting mostly of descendants from Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.

To give a brief history of the migration movement of Muslims in Brazil, it started around the year 1880, when the occupation and economical hardship was due on Muslims in Great Syria. Immigration was at its peak in the 1950's when the economy of Brazil was at its best. Today, there are first, second, third, and even fourth generation of Muslims living there.

The good news, thanks to God, is that Islam and Muslims are well and sound. There are hundreds of well built mosques everywhere and thousands of good practicing Muslims. There are also Islamic schools and community centers. This is all due to the mercy of God and the effort which was put by hundreds of Dawa jamat who spent their times there teaching Islam since the 1950's.

When we arrived at Sao Pablo Airport, we had no names, addresses, or phone numbers of Muslims to contact. The leader of our group suggested that we look through the phone book for Muslim "sounding" names and give them a call. To our surprise, the second person we called was the Amir (leader) of the entire Islamic Centers in Brazil.

46 people accepted Islam while we were in Brazil. Among them was a general in the army, a state person, 7 engineers, a rock singer, a drummer and even a preacher. I met the preacher in the street while he was preaching Christianity. He took notice of the way I was dressed and called me over to speak to him. He would not allow me to leave until I explained Islam to him. This preacher became very interested in Islam and accompanied me to the Masjid. He then declared his Shahadah and proceeded to trade in his Holy Bible, full of 12 years worth of notes, for a Glorious Quran in Portuguese.


- by Mohammed Asan Khan, Daly City

"As for those who strive for Us, We surely guide them to Our paths, and Lo! God is with the good". (Quran 29:69)

For this "call" the Muslims are required to spare their time for traveling in groups, from house to house, street to street, village to village, town to town, and country to country extorting the people to lead their life according to the Principles mentioned above. No amount of opposition, threat, or persecution should defer them from carrying out this job which has, in fact, been the life mission of all the prophets in general and that of Muhammad (pbuh) in particular.

Thanks to God, a Jamaat from San Francisco left on November 10, 1991 to Brazil to fulfill the commandment of Allah, Subhana Wa Tala and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

The Jamaat stayed in two major cities, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Having worked in so many Masjids and meeting Muslim brothers from different countries, mainly the Middle East (as the majority of the population is from the Middle East) many brothers made intention to go to Pakistan for 4 months and others made their intentions for 40 days.

Since the Jamaat (Group) from other countries are also visiting this country (Brazil) the work of Dawa (invitation to Islam) has started and lot of changes are taking place. Still much effort is needed.

46 people embraced Islam. On our way back to San Francisco, Jamaats from New York, Portugal, and South Africa were in the neighboring cities of Brazil.


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March / April 1992
Ramadan 1412
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