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Dear Readers,

We are proud to introduce the many new and exciting projects now beginning to take shape for The San Francisco Islamic Center and The Islamic Bulletin.

One of the projects we are especially proud to present to you is the new Volunteer Line, designed to better serve and assist the community. In order to accomplish this, we need YOU, the members and readers of the Islamic Bulletin, an important resource and priority.

The first task of the new volunteer program is to listen to the ideas and needs of our members. We would greatly appreciate any feedback you can give us. Are you seeing the kinds of articles you want to see? Are there any items you would like to see covered by our staff? Any changes or suggestions that would make the Bulletin better or more interesting to you? Any special topics or monthly columns you would like to see added to the Bulletin? Any part of the Bulletin you don't like?

The Volunteer Lines' other objective is to help encourage and organize those who wish to contribute their time and energies to the furtherance of Islam and the glory of Allah. There is always some small way we can help, no matter what our abilities may be, to work for Allah. If you have a few hours to help in some way, please consider spending the time as a volunteer. We have many projects and many levels of skills are required.

YOUR participation in the ongoing improvement of the Bulletin and the San Francisco Islamic Community is vital to us, whether you want to become an active volunteer member, contribute an article of our own, or offer your comments and recommendations. But please, call the new Volunteer Line at 415-552-8831 with your comments or to discuss the possibility of your active participation. Of course your letters to the editor are always valued, so feel free to write at any time "Letters to the Editor" at the Islamic Bulletin.

Editorial correspondence should be addressed to:

The Editor of the Islamic Bulletin
P.O. Box 410186
San Francisco, CA 94141-0186

September 1992
Safar 1413
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