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Holy Qur'ans Donated to Oakland and San Francisco Libraries

Last month, three members of the Islamic Center of San Francisco distributed complimentary copies of the Yusuf Ali translation of the Holy Quran and other Islamic materials to the Oakland and San Francisco libraries. The gifts were well received and will be put into circulation in the respective library systems. The group also met with the San Francisco Library's Director for Jail Services about the great need for educational materials about Islam for use in the San Francisco jail system. It was learned from these visits that there is a large and growing interest in Islam in all these communities and that the libraries have a difficult time keeping up with the demand for information. Of the various English translations of the Holy Quran which are available, the most frequently requested is Yusuf Ali's. Since his translation is not as readily available as others, these donations were especially appreciated. Arrangements were made by the San Francisco Islamic Center group to keep in touch with these library representatives and to serve as a possible resource for them in case they have questions about Islam or about informational services that we might be able to provide.

If any of our readers are aware of a need for copies of the Holy Quran or other Islamic materials in their local libraries or other appropriate institutions, please send the pertinent information to the editor of the Islamic Bulletin who will assure it will be given proper attention. The basic information which would be needed is the name of the library system or institution, their address, phone number, and contact person, if it is known.


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