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The Islamic Bulletin

The Purpose Of Life

because in Arabic there is no other expression. The

word Allah cannot be applied to any created thing.

Other words that people use for Almighty are also

applied to created things. For example, “the almighty

dollar.” “Oh I love my wife, she is tops!” Or, “He’s

the greatest.” No, no, no, no… But the word ‘Allah’

can only be applied to the One who has created all

of this that we have previously described. So from this

point, I’m going to use the word ‘Allah,’ and you know

whom I’m speaking about.

The word ‘Islam’ is derived from the root ‘Sala-

ma’ - it means to be at peace. Therefore, a Muslim is a

person who surrenders, submits, and obeys the law of

Almighty God.

And through this submission obtains peace and

serenity for themselves. We can immediately see, that

by such a definition, the Arabic word ‘Islam’ describes

the same manner and behavior of all the well-known

and respected prophets and messengers of Almighty

God… All of them including Adam, Noah, Abraham,

Moses, David, Solomon, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, John

the Baptist, Suleiman, Jesus the son of Mary, and

Muhammad (May Allah’s peace be upon them all.) All

of these men, these prophets and messengers, came

from the same Almighty God, with the same message,

with the same chain of transmission, and they said

one thing - obey God! Worship Almighty God and

fulfill the purpose of life and do good actions, and you

will be rewarded with another life. That’s all they said!

Don’t make it more than that! That’s all they said, re-

gardless of what language and what time, whom they

came to - that’s all they said.

If you read the scriptures carefully, without

your own interpretation or somebody else’s addition

or fabrication - you will find that this was the simple

message of all those prophets who confirmed one an-

other. Not one of those prophets ever said, “I am God

- worship me.” You will not find it in any of the holy

books that you have - not the Bible, not the Torah,

not the New Testament, not the Psalms of David - you

will not find it in any book. You will not find it in the

speech of any prophet. Go home tonight and palm

through all the pages of your Bible, and I guarantee

you - you will not find it once. Anywhere! So where

did this come from? That’s something that you’ll have

to investigate.

We can easily see that by such a definition, the

Arabic word describes what all the prophets did. They

all came and submitted themselves to God; Surren-

dered themselves to God; Called the people to God;

And asked the people and insisted upon the people to

do deeds of righteousness. The Ten Commandments

of Moses - what was that? The speech of Abraham -

what was that? The Psalms of David - what was that?

The Proverbs of Solomon - what did he say? The Gos-

pel of Jesus Christ - what did he say? What did John

the Baptist say? What did Isaac and Ishmael say? What

did Muhammad say? Nothing more than that!

“And they have been commanded no more than

this: To worship Allah, offering Him sincere de-

votion, being true (in faith); to establish regular

prayer; and to practice regular charity; and that is

the Religion Right and Straight.” [Quran 98:5]

This is what Allah said. And they were ordered

nothing except to worship Allah, being sincere toward

Him. And this was the straightway, this was the origi-

nal message.

By the same token, it would also be appropri-

ate here to consider both prophets and messengers

as Muslims, because a ‘Muslim’ is what? Don’t think

about the Arabic terminology, don’t think about how

we address them— don’t think about Mecca, or Saudi

Arabia, or Egypt. No! Think about what the word

‘Muslim’ means. ‘He who surrenders himself to Al-

mighty God, and obeys the laws of the Almighty God,’

in that case whether naturally or in a dialectical man-

ner - everything that surrenders to the law of Almighty

God is a Muslim!

So, when a child comes out of a womb of its

mother at the time that God has ordered - what is it?

It’s a Muslim. When the sun goes around in its or-