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The Islamic Bulletin

The Purpose Of Life

bit - what is it? It’s a Muslim! When the Moon goes

around the Sun - what is it? It’s a Muslim! The law of

gravity - what is it? It’s a Muslim law! Everything that

submits to the Almighty God is a Muslim! Therefore,

when we willfully obey Almighty God we are Muslims!

Jesus Christ was a Muslim. His blessed mother was a

Muslim. Abraham was a Muslim. Moses was a Mus-

lim. All the prophets were Muslims! But they came

to their people and they spoke different languages.

The prophet Muhammad (SAW) spoke the Arabic

language. And so, in the Arabic language the one who

submits and surrenders is Muslim. Every prophet and

messenger of Almighty God brought the very same

and fundamental message-- ‘Worship Almighty God

and be sincere towards Him.’ As we examine the mes-

sage of each of the well-known prophets, we could

easily conclude this fact.

Where there is a conflict, it is a result of false

assertions, fabrications, exaggerations, personalized

interpretations of alleged writers, historians, scholars,

and individuals. For instance, let me point something

out to you that you may have already looked at. As a

Christian I’ve looked at it before I became a Muslim

and… I didn’t understand it. How come throughout

the Old Testament God is always referred to as One-

-the Master and Lord and King of the Universe. And

that in the first commandment given to Moses, He

did not allow anybody to worship any graven images;

Or to bow down to anything in the Heavens, or the

Earth, or the sea below - He’d never allow that. All the

prophets said that there is only One God. Through-

out the Old Testament this is repeated over and over

again. And then, all of a sudden we get four testimo-

nies - four Gospels called Matthew, Mark, Luke and

John. Matthew who? Mark Who? Luke who? John

who? Four different Gospels that were written for-

ty-eight years apart. And none of these men, who did

not collaborate with each other, none of them, wrote

their last name. If I gave you a check for your pay this

month and I wrote my first name on the check and

told you to take it to the bank - would you accept that

check? No, you wouldn’t… If the policeman stopped

you and asked for your identification or passport and

you only had your first name, would that be accept-

able to him? Could you get a passport with your first

name? Did your mother and father only give you one

name? Where in the history of men is one name ac-

cepted as a documentation, where? Nowhere! Except

in the New Testament.

And how can you base your faith upon four Gospels

that are written by four men that didn’t seem to know

their last names? Then, after those four Gospels, there

are fifteen more books written by a man who was an

apostate who killed Christians, tortured Christians,

and then said that he in a vision saw Jesus. And he

was commissioned as an Apostle of Jesus. If I told you

that Hitler, after he killed all the Jews, then he him-

self decided that he wanted to be saved. And he met

Christ or Moses on the path and he became a Jew.

And he wrote fifteen books and added them to the

Torah - would this be acceptable to the Jews? No, you

wouldn’t accept that. So how can four books written

by men without a last name, and fifteen other books

written by another man--and this is the first time that

God is called a man, and the first time that God is

called three, and the first time God was given a son-

- how is this acceptable to Christians? How? Think

about it! We won’t argue that point. I’ll just give you

something to think about.

The advent of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

did not bring a new religion or a way of life as some

people ominously claim. On the contrary, the proph-

et (SAW) confirmed the life and message of all the

previous prophets and messengers. Both through his

personal conduct and through divine revelations he

received from the Almighty. The sacred scripture that

Muhammad (SAW) brought is called the Quran. It

means ‘that which is recited.’ Because Muhammad

(SAW) did not write the Quran. He did not author the

Quran. Nobody came and helped him write the Qu-

ran. And nobody collaborated with him on this. The

Angel Gabriel recited the words to him! And Almighty

God made his heart a receptacle of that. The Prophet

Muhammad’s (SAW) heart was a receptacle of revela-

tion and we have this Quran that has been preserved

for years without any change. Is there any other book

in the world that you know of that has been preserved

as it was revealed without any change? No book…

Only the Quran.

Don’t take my word for it! Go to the library

and read what the Encyclopedia Britannica, or the

World Encyclopedia, or the Americana’s Encyclope-

dia, or any other universal encyclopedia of the world

that was not written by Muslims. Read what it says

about Islam, the Quran, and Muhammad (SAW). Read

what non-Muslims say about the Quran, Islam, and

Muhammad (SAW). Then you will accept that what

I’m saying is universally documented and clear! That

Muhammad (SAW) is the most profound individual in

the history of humanity. Read what they say. That the

Quran is the most incredible, the most profound piece

of literature in the annals of history! Read what they

say. That the Islamic way of life is categorized and so

precise and dynamic! ...It has never changed.

The sacred scripture that Muhammad (SAW)

received is called ‘The Quran.’ And each of the

prophets and messengers also received the scripture.

In the Quran, these prophets, their scriptures, their

stories, and the principle of their mission is mentioned

with profound detail. Did Muhammad (SAW) meet

them, talk with them, eat with them, and collaborate

with them to write their biographies? No, of course he

didn’t. In the Quran, Muhammad (SAW) is referred to

as the messenger of Almighty God and the seal of the

previous prophets-- which is the limit of his role as a

human being.