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The Islamic Bulletin

The Purpose Of Life

How did the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

know that the embryo started out as a clot hanging

and clinging to the wall of the uterus of the mother?

Did he have a telescope? Did he have a cystoscope?

Did he have some kind of x-ray vision? How did he

receive this knowledge, when it was just discovered

forty seven years ago?

Likewise, how did he know that the oceans

have a barrier between them to separate the salt and

the fresh water?

And it is He Who has let free the two

seas (kinds of water), one palatable and sweet, and

the other salt and bitter, and He has set a barrier and

a complete partition between them.” [Quran 25:53]

How did he know this?

“It is He Who created the Night and the Day, and

the sun and the moon: all (the celestial bodies) swim

along, each in its rounded course.” [Quran 21:33]

How did he know that the Sun, and the Moon,

and the planets are all swimming in an orbit that had

been ordered for them? How did he know this? And

on, and on, and on - how did he know these things?

These things have just been discovered twenty five or

thirty years ago. Technology and science, the sophis-

tication of which you and I well know have just been

discovered. How did Muhammad (PBUH), who lived

more than 1500 years ago-- an uneducated shepherd

who was raised in the desert, not knowing how to

read or write-- how could he know something like

this? How could he produce something like this? And

how could anyone else living with him, before, or

after, produce something that has just been discovered

recently. That’s impossible!! How could a man who

never left the Arabian Peninsula, a man who never

sailed on a ship, who lived more than 1500 years ago

--make such clear and astounding descriptions that

were just recently discovered in this half of the twenti-

eth century?

Also, if this is not enough, let me mention that

the Quran has a hundred and fourteen chapters, over

six thousand verses. And there were hundreds of peo-

ple in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who

memorized this book entirely. How did that happen?

Was he some kind of genius? Did anyone memorize

the Gospel - any of them? Did anybody memorize the

Torah, the Psalms, the Old Testament, the New Testa-

ment? Nobody has done that. Not even the Pope.

But there are millions of Muslims today who

have memorized this entire book. This is the ambition

of every Muslim. Not some – but every! How many

Christians have you ever met in your life, that has

memorized the Bible? None. You’ve never met any

Christian that memorized the whole Bible, because

you’ve never met a Christian who even knew what

was the whole Bible. Why is that? Because, Christians

themselves have over seven hundred different de-

nominations, and there are approximately thirty nine

different versions of the Bible--with different books

and different versions. Different number of verses and

different number of chapters. And they don’t agree

to that. So how could they even memorize what they

don’t agree about.

It’s just some facts about the Quran. The Qu-

ran has been universally preserved without the slight-

est alteration of any kind in fifteen centuries. And I’m

not speaking in a condemning fashion. I’m a person

who was a Christian. A person who found out these

things by my own investigation. A person who is now

sharing this information with you. Overturning some

rocks for you to look under. And it’s up to you!

Just think about if all of this were true. Would

you agree that this book is quite profound? And

unique, to say the least? Would you be honest enough

to say that? Of course you would, if you were honest.

And you are. Within yourselves, you have to come to