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The Islamic Bulletin

The Purpose Of Life

that conclusion. Many other non-Muslims came to the

same conclusion. People such as Benjamin Franklin,

Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Winston

Churchill, to name a few. Many more and I could go

on, and on, and on. They came to the same conclu-

sion. Whether they accepted Islam openly, or not.

They came to that conclusion-- that there is no other

literature in the world as profound as the Quran, a

source of wisdom and healing and direction.

Now that we have settled the issue of au-

thenticity of the Quran, let us turn to another subject

matter: the basic themes of the Quran. The supreme

oneness of Almighty God, which includes His names,

His attributes, the relationship between God Almighty

and His creation, and how human beings should

maintain that relationship. The continuity of prophets

and messengers, their lives, their messages, and their

overall mission. The insistence upon following the final

and universal example of Muhammad (pbuh), the Seal

of the Prophets and Messengers. Reminding human

beings of the shortness of this life and calling them

towards the eternity of the life hereafter. Life hereafter,

meaning after here. Hereafter, you leave this place

and you’re going somewhere; I don’t mean tonight.

But after you die and you leave this Earth, you are go-

ing somewhere, whether you accept it, or don’t know

about it; You’re going there, and you are responsible,

because you have been told-- even if you have reject-

ed it. Because the object of this life is not for you to

sit here, and after this do nothing and have no effect.

Every cause has an effect! And you came into this life

for a cause and a purpose, and it must have an effect!

It must warrant some sort of effect! You don’t go to

school to just stay there! You don’t go to work not to

get paid! You don’t build a house and don’t move into

it! You don’t get a suit made and don’t wear it! You

don’t grow up as a child and don’t become an adult!

You don’t work without expecting a reward! You

cannot live without expecting to die! You cannot die

without the expectancy of the grave! And you cannot

expect that the grave is the end. Because that would

mean that God has created you for a foolish purpose.

And you have not gone to school, worked, or done

anything, or have chosen a wife, or chosen the name

of your children for a foolish purpose. How could you

assign to God something less than yourselves?

In an attempt to capture and convince the

imagination and faculties of reasoning, the Quran goes

through great length and beauty to expound upon the

oceans and rivers, the trees and plants, the birds and

insects, the wild and domestic animals, the mountains,

the valleys, the expansion of the heavens, the celestial

bodies and the universe, the fish and the aquatic life,

the human anatomy and biology, human civilization

and history, the description of paradise and hell, the

evolution of the human embryo, the missions of all

the prophets and messengers, and the purpose of life

on Earth. And how could a shepherd boy, born in the

desert, who grew up illiterate and could not read--

how could he expound upon things that he was never

exposed to? The most unique aspect of the Quran,

however, is that it serves to confirm all the previous re-

vealed scriptures. And, after examining the religion of

Islam, you should decide to become a Muslim, you do

not have to consider yourself changing your religion!

You are not changing your religion…You see, if you

lost some weight, you wouldn’t throw that $500 suit

away--of course you wouldn’t! You would take it to

a tailor and say, ‘Listen, take this in a little bit for me,

please. Make some alterations to this because I like

this suit.’ Likewise, with your belief, your honor, your

virtue, your love of Jesus Christ, your attachment to

God, your worship, your truthfulness, and your ded-

ication to Almighty God - you don’t change that and

throw it away! You hold on to that! But, you make

alterations where you know that the truth has been

revealed to you! That’s all!

Islam is simple: to bear witness that there’s

none to be worshiped except Almighty God. If I asked

any of you to bear witness that your father is your

father--how many of you would say, ‘Yes, my father

is my father; My son is my son; My wife is my wife; I

am who I am.’ Then how is it that you hesitate to bear

witness that the Almighty is One and the Almighty

God is the only One, and that the Almighty God is

your Lord and your creator? Why are you arrogant to

do this? Are you being glorious? Do you possess some-

thing that God doesn’t possess? Or, are you confused?

That’s the question you have to ask yourself.

If you had the chance to put things straight

with your conscience, and to put things straight with

God, would you do so? If you had the chance to ask

God to accept the best of your deeds, would you do

so? If you had the chance to do this before you died,

and you thought that you would die tonight, would

you not hesitate to bear witness that there’s only one

God? If you thought that you would die tonight and

that in front of you was paradise and in your back was

hellfire, would you not hesitate to bear witness that

Muhammad is the final messenger of God and repre-

sentative of all the prophets? You would not hesitate

to bear witness that you are one of those who would

like to be written down in the book of God as those

who submit!

But, you think you’re gonna live a little while.

And of course, you’re not ready to pray every day!

That’s because you think you’re gonna live a while.

But how much is ‘a little while?’ How long ago was it

when you had a full head of hair? How long ago was it

when your hair was all black? You got aches and pains

in your knees and elbows and in other places! How

long ago was it when you were just a child, running

and playing without a care? How long ago was it? It

was yesterday! Yes. And you’re gonna die tomorrow.

So how long you wanna wait?