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The Noble Quran: English Arabic with Translation a... By: Dr. Muhammad Al Hilali & Dr. Muhammad Khan
Memorize Surah Yasin By Heart By:
Qur’an Transliteration By:
Meanings of the Holy Quran By: Marmaduke Pickthall (Translation)
Explanation of Ayat al-Kursi By: Sh. Mohammed Saleh Alothaimeen
The Noble Quran Software By: Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan
Quran in Warsh in Flash By:
Quran Library By: The Islamic Bulletin

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Quran high quality recitation choose from over 70 different reciters

Listen to live Quran recitation and translation in multiple languages

Radio Tafsir Quran by Sheikh Muhammad Mitwalli Al Sharawi Tafsir 24/7

Radio Tafsir Quran by Sheikh Mohammad Ratib Al Nabulsi Tafsir 24/7

24 Hours Islamic Radio Stations in English and Some Urdu Live from USA: link 1 | link 2

Fastest way to listen to the Qur’an without having to download

Quran in 19 languages with audio

Word By Word translation, Tafsir, recitation, search of the Whole Quran

Online Quran With Color Coded Tajweed Rules

Learn Tajweed with Transliteration Color Coded

Learn Tajweed with many options

Word By Word translation, Tafsir, recitation, search of the Whole Quran

Renowned Quran Qaris (Reciters) live 24 hours a day

Quran and Audio in many languages

 Quranic Recitation by Mohammed Siddiq Al-Manshawi

Quranic Recitation by Abdullah Khayat

Quranic Recitation by Sh. ‘Abdullah ibn Ali Basfar

Quranic Recitation by Sh. Abdullah Al-Matrood

Quranic Recitation by Maher al-Muaiqly

Quran Recitation Page in Real Audio and mp3

The Koran Collection at the Topkap Palace Library