Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)


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Biography of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) in Audio by Martin Lings
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The Sealed Nectar (Memoirs of the Noble Prophet)

Prophets’ Tree in Genealogical Order

Timeline of the Life of Prophet Mohammed

570 CE

Birth of Mohammed

610 CE

Mohammed receives the first vision in a cave near Makkah

610-622 CE

Mohammed preaches in Makkah

622 CE

Hijra – Mohammed and followers flee to Medina.

Islamic calendar (AH, Anno Hegirae) begins.

624 CE

Muslims successfully attack Makkahn caravan at Badr.

625 CE

Muslims are defeated by Makkahns at Uhud.

630 CE

Muslims capture Makkah. Ka’ba is cleansed, pilgrimage rites are Islamicized, tribes of Arabia vow allegiance to Mohammed.

632 CE

Death of Mohammed.

*CE – Common Era

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