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After the Du'aa one should go to the well of Zam-Zam and drink as much water as is
possible When drinking Zam-Zam: stand the Holy Kaba. recite Bismillah and drink with
the right hand, make a lot of Du’aa at the well and also after drinking Zam Zam.
Part 15
Visiting the Grave of Prophet
Sallallahu alayhi wasallam
(Peace and Blessing be on him)
The Prophet (PBUH) has said:
“One prayer in my mosque is better than one thousand prayers in any other mosque
excepting Al-Masjid Al-Haraam.”
Whoever visits my resting place, my intercession becomes obligatory for him.”
“Whoever visits me and has no other motive, has a right over me that I intercede on his behalf.”
“Whoever visits me after my death is like he who had visited me during my life.”
at-Tabarani, Daraqutni
“The person who performs Hajj and visits my grave is like he who had visited me during my lifetime.”
“Whoever undertakes a journey specifically to visit me, will be my neighbor on the Day of Judgment.”
“Whoever performs Hajj in Makkah, then comes to Medina with the sole aim of visiting me in my Masjid, shall be given
(the rewards of) two accepted Hajj.”
While travelling to Medina, one should read Scalawag and make as much Du’aa’ as possible.
One should take care that one does not neglect any Sunnah or even Mustahab act. Even though such actions are
understood to be of comparative insignificance whilst on travels, they should be adopted with added zeal, as one is going
to the place where the one who loved these actions, for himself and for his followers, rests (P.B.U.H.).
One should be full of zeal and enthusiasm. If this is not the case then one should read of the sacrifices of the Prophet
(P.B.U.H.) for his Umrah and for the things that have been promised to us if we love and follow him. One should also
increase the salutations that one sends upon him to try and achieve this effect.
Upon entry into the blessed city of Medina, one should quickly attend to necessary arrangements, get freshened up
(perform Ghusl) and try to reach the Masjid without delay.