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the Lord?” And

Jeremiah 10:6,7

: “Forasmuch as there is none like

unto Thee, O’ Lord ... there is none like unto Thee.”


But all these are in the Torah.


. Again you are differentiating between the Old and the New

Testament. It is part of the Bible that the Christians have to

believe in. Did not Jesus say clearly that he came not to

destroy the Law (Torah) but to uphold it? Jesus obeyed

Moses’ Law to the letter and you want to make divisions by

saying this is Old Testament and this is New Testament. You

must be careful about playing with your faith. Anyway let’s

go to the New Testament now. Here are a few examples:

John 5:37.

Ye have neither heard His

voice (God’s) at any time, nor

seen His shape.

John 8:14.

He that has seen me, hath seen

the Father…

John 5:31.

If I bear witness of myself, my

witness is not true.

John 8:14.

Jesus answered and said unto

them; though I bear record of

myself, yet my record is true.

Mark 69:9.

Blind Bartimaeus, sat…

(One blind person)

Matthew 8:28.

Met two men blind,

(Two blind persons)

Matthew 21.

Jesus asked for a colt and an


Mark chapter 1.

Jesus asked only for an ass.


Describes Joseph as a son of



Describes Joseph as a son of