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(Glory is to Him Who subdued for us this (means of travel) as we were not ourselves
powerful enough to use it as a mount, and we are going to return to our Lord.) (AD&T)
Returning from a Journey
The Prophet (S) uttered (these words), when returning from a journey:
نودباع نوبئات نوبيا
'Aaebuna ta eebuna abeeduna lee rabbina hamiddoon.'
(We are returning repentant, worshipping our Lord and praising Him.) (M)
Upon Entering A City
Upon entering a city, the Prophet (S) recited the following:
اھيف انل كراب مھللا
اھيف انل كراب مھللا
اھيف انل كراب مھللا
را مھللا
اھانج انقز
انيلا اھلھا حلاص ببحو اھلھا ىلا انببح
'Allahumma bariklaana feeha, Allahumma bariklaana feeha, Allahumma
bariklaana feeha. Allahuma arzuqna Janaha wa habbibna eela ahleeha wa
habbib salihee ahleeha eelaina.'
(O Allah, bless us in it. O Allah, bless us in it. O Allah, bless us in it. O Allah, grant us
sustenance from its fruits, put our love in the hearts of its people, and put the love of
the righteous people in our hearts.) (Attabarani)
Upon Eating & Drinking
"Mention the name of Allah (Bismillah) eat with your right hand, and eat from what is
near to you." (B&M)
"When one of you eats, he should mention the name of Allah before beginning.
مسب ﷲ
(In the name of Allah.)
And if he forgets, he should say,