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هرخاو هلوا ﷲ مسب
'Bismillah awalu wa akhiru."
(In the name of Allah in the start and the end.)" (AD&T)
Upon Breaking the Fast
كقزر ىلعو تمص كل م
'Allahuma laka sumtu wa ala rizqeeka aftartu.'
(O Allah! It is for You that I observe fast and it is with Your blessing that I break it.)
Upon Finishing a Meal
انلعجو اناقسو انمعطا يذلا Ϳ دمحلا
'Alhamdu lilahil-athi at'amana wasaqana waja Alana Muslimin.'
(Praise be to Allah Who has given us food and drink and made us Muslims.) (AD&T)
'Alhamdo lil-lahil lathi at 'amani haatha wa razaqanii-hi min ghair-e-
haulimmin-ni wala Quw'wah.'
(Praise be to Allah Who has fed me with this food and provided me without any effort or
power on my part.)
he will be forgiven for his past sins. (T)
What The Guest Says To His Host
نومئاصلا مكدنع رطفا
راربلاا مكماعط لكاو
'Aftara endakoom as'sa-imuna wa akala ta amakumul abraru wa sallat
alaikomul mala-ikah.'
(May the fasting (men) break their fast with you, the pious eat your food, and the angels
pray for blessings on you.) (AD)