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Due to the sincerity of the author the publication is ready. May Allah reward him and grant the youth of
the Nation the ability to have benefit from it.
(Mufti Wali Hasan (Saheb)
Mufti and Sheikhul Hadith, Jamiatul Uloom al Islamia, Allama Binnori Town
Karachi 5, Pakistan
By Maulana Younus, Patel
Secretary of Jamiatul Ulama- Natal
Republic of South Africa
Sezela is peaceful little village on the South Coast of Natal. The magnificent sugar mill here had brought
people of different faiths to this little village. It was the late Hajee Ebrahim E. Patel who drew up Hajee
Shabbir Ahmed’s attention to the lack of any Islamic Mission work in this area. In the year 1968 it was at
Sezela that Hajee Shabbir Ahmed, son of the late Soofi Ebrahim Desai of Umzinto commenced an effort to
impart basic Islamic knowledge to both the adults and the children of the area. This effort proved a great
success and within a short time other villages and towns like Lawson Estate, Malagazi, Renishaw, Park
Rynie, Ixopo, Umkomaas, ets., could also boast of having a little Madrasa for their pupils.
As most of the Madras’s were established at places where pupils had no background of elementary Islamic
Education, a definite need was felt for the text book in simple English, which would serve as a guide to
both the pupils and the staff.
In the first chapter, the Taleemul Haq endeavors to explain to the beginners in simple language, the
essential beliefs of a Muslim. Thereafter the laws governing Taharat, Ghusal, Tayammum and Namaaz are
explained in the subsequent chapters.
In its compilation extensive use has been made of Mufti Mohammed Kifayatullah’s, Taleemul Islam and
publications of the Watervaal Islamic Institute.
Hajee Shabbir Ahmed is to be congratulated for the compiling, printing and publishing of Taleemul Haq.
May Allah crown his efforts with success.
(Maulana) Younus ER. Patal
225 Sayani Centre, Durban Natal