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Now we bid farewell to those men with whom we lived a happy and blissful time on the pages of

this book. We thank Allah for His blessings, hoping to have more blessing, compassion, and good health

from Almighty Allah.

With awe and reverence, we say to our eminent teacher, the last of the Messengers, "May peace and

the mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you. May Allah grant you the best reward for the teachings

you gave and for your guidance." And with a renewed, overflowing yearning, we say to his blessed

Companions, "Righteous men, farewell!"

But, when were they really absent from our lives to bid them farewell? Let our greeting to them be,

"Peace". Peace we extended at the beginning with awe and reverence, and peace is extended at the end

with awe and reverence.