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17. Laysa AAala al-aAAma harajun wala AAala al-aAAraji harajun wala AAala

almareedi harajun waman yutiAAi Allaha warasoolahu yudkhilhu jannatin tajree min

tahtiha al-anharu waman yatawalla yuAAaththibhu AAathaban aleema


17. No blame is there on the blind, nor is there blame on the lame, nor on one ill (if he

joins not the war): But he that obeys Allah and his Messenger,- ((Allah)) will admit him

to Gardens beneath which rivers flow; and he who turns back, ((Allah)) will punish him

with a grievous Penalty.

Section 3 (18-26)

18. Laqad radiya Allahu AAani almu/mineena ith yubayiAAoonaka tahta a



faAAalima ma fee quloobihim faanzala a


sakeenata AAalayhim waathabahum fathan



18. Allah.s Good Pleasure was on the Believers when they swore Fealty to thee under the

Tree: He knew what was in their hearts, and He sent down Tranquillity to them; and He

rewarded them with a speedy Victory;

19. Wamaghanima katheeratan ya/khuthoonaha wakana Allahu AAazeezan hakeema


19. And many gains will they acquire (besides): and Allah is Exalted in Power, Full of