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14. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo koonoo ansara Allahi kama qala AAeesa ibnu

maryama lilhawariyyeena man ansaree ila Allahi qala alhawariyyoona nahnu ansaru

Allahi faamanat ta-ifatun min banee isra-eela wakafarat ta-ifatun faayyadna allatheena

amanoo AAala AAaduwwihim faasbahoo




14. O ye who believe! Be ye helpers of Allah. As said Jesus the son of Mary to the

Disciples, "Who will be my helpers to (the work of) Allah." Said the disciples, "We are

Allah.s helpers!" then a portion of the Children of Israel believed, and a portion

disbelieved: But We gave power to those who believed, against their enemies, and they

became the ones that prevailed.