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2. Fa-itha balaghna ajalahunna faamsikoohunna bimaAAroofin aw fariqoohunna

bimaAAroofin waashhidoo thaway AAadlin minkum waaqeemoo a


shshahadata lillahi

thalikum yooAAa


u bihi man kana yu/minu bi


llahi wa


lyawmi al-akhiri waman

yattaqi Allaha yajAAal lahu makhraja


2. Thus when they fulfil their term appointed, either take them back on equitable terms or

part with them on equitable terms; and take for witness two persons from among you,

endued with justice, and establish the evidence (as) before Allah. Such is the admonition

given to him who believes in Allah and the Last Day. And for those who fear Allah, He

(ever) prepares a way out,

3. Wayarzuqhu min haythu la yahtasibu waman yatawakkal AAala Allahi fahuwa

hasbuhu inna Allaha balighu amrihi qad jaAAala Allahu likulli shay-in qadra


3. And He provides for him from (sources) he never could imagine. And if any one puts

his trust in Allah, sufficient is ((Allah)) for him. For Allah will surely accomplish his

purpose: verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion.