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11. Waanna minna a


ssalihoona waminna doona thalika kunna tara-iqa qidada


11. 'There are among us some that are righteous, and some the contrary: we follow

divergent paths.

12. Wanna


ananna an lan nuAAjiza Allaha fee al-ardi walan nuAAjizahu haraba


12. 'But we think that we can by no means frustrate Allah throughout the earth, nor can

we frustrate Him by flight.

13. Waanna lamma samiAAna alhuda amanna bihi faman yu/min birabbihi fala yakhafu

bakhsan wala rahaqa


13. 'And as for us, since we have listened to the Guidance, we have accepted it: and any

who believes in his Lord has no fear, either of a short (account) or of any injustice.