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31. Wa-itha tutla AAalayhim ayatuna qaloo qad samiAAna law nashao laqulna mithla

hatha in hatha illa asateeru al-awwaleen


31. When Our Signs are rehearsed to them, they say: "We have heard this (before): if we

wished, we could say (words) like these: these are nothing but tales of the ancients."

32. Wa-ith qaloo allahumma in kana hatha huwa alhaqqa min AAindika faamtir

AAalayna hijaratan mina a


ssama-i awi i/tina biAAathabin aleem


32. Remember how they said: "O Allah if this is indeed the Truth from Thee, rain down

on us a shower of stones form the sky, or send us a grievous penalty."

33. Wama kana Allahu liyuAAaththibahum waanta feehim wama kana Allahu

muAAaththibahum wahum yastaghfiroon


33. But Allah was not going to send them a penalty whilst thou wast amongst them; nor

was He going to send it whilst they could ask for pardon.