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Some Christian denominations are making tremendous progress

now by acknowledging for the first time in history that

Muhammed (pbuh) descended from Ishmael, (the first son of

Prophet Abraham) through his second son Kedar. The 1980

Davis Dictionary of the Bible, sponsored by the Board of

Christian Education of the Presbyterian Church in the USA,

writes under the word Kedar: “ . . . A tribe descended from


(Gen. 25:13

) ... The people of Kedar were Pliny’s Cedrai,

and from their tribe

Muhammed ultimately arose.”


International Standard Bible Encyclopedia quotes the following

from A. S. Fulton: “ . . . Of the Ishmaelite tribes, Kedar must have

been one of the most important, and thus in later times the name

came to be applied to all the wild tribes of the desert.”

“It is through Kedar (Arab-Keidar) that Muslim genealogists

trace the descent of Muhammed from Ishmael.”

Also Smith’s Bible Dictionary prints the following: “Kedar,

second son of Ishmael (

Gen. 25:13

) ... Muhammed traces his

lineage to Abraham through the celebrated Koreish tribe, which

sprang from Kedar. The Arabs in the Hejaz are called Beni Harb

(men of war), and are Ishmaelites as of old from their


Palgrave in the 1800’s, says their language is as

pure now as when the Koran was written (A.D. 610), having

remained unchanged more than 1200 years; a fine proof of the

permanency of Eastern Institutions.” (1425 years in 2005).

The biggest asset brought by Muslim immigrants to the Western

hemisphere is not their manpower but Islam, which is now

taking root there. Many mosques and Islamic centers have been

established and many Christians have reverted into Islam. I

prefer the word reverted and not converted, because, Allah, in