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27. Qala innee oreedu an onkihaka ihda ibnatayya hatayni AAala an ta/juranee thamaniya

hijajin fa-in atmamta AAashran famin AAindika wama oreedu an ashuqqa AAalayka

satajidunee in shaa Allahu mina a




27. He said: "I intend to wed one of these my daughters to thee, on condition that thou

serve me for eight years; but if thou complete ten years, it will be (grace) from thee. But I

intend not to place thee under a difficulty: thou wilt find me, indeed, if Allah wills, one of

the righteous."

28. Qala thalika baynee wabaynaka ayyama al-ajalayni qadaytu fala AAudwana

AAalayya wa


llahu AAala ma naqoolu wakeel


28. He said: "Be that (the agreement) between me and thee: whichever of the two terms I

fulfil, let there be no ill-will to me. Be Allah a witness to what we say."

Section 4 (29-42)

29. Falamma qada moosa al-ajala wasara bi-ahlihi anasa min janibi a


ttoori naran qala li-

ahlihi omkuthoo innee anastu naran laAAallee ateekum minha bikhabarin aw jathwatin

mina a


nnari laAAallakum tastaloon


29. Now when Moses had fulfilled the term, and was travelling with his family, he

perceived a fire in the direction of Mount Tur. He said to his family: "Tarry ye; I perceive

a fire; I hope to bring you from there some information, or a burning firebrand, that ye

may warm yourselves."