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30. O Consorts of the Prophet! If any of you were guilty of evident unseemly conduct, the

Punishment would be doubled to her, and that is easy for Allah.

31. Waman yaqnut minkunna lillahi warasoolihi wataAAmal salihan nu/tiha ajraha

marratayni waaAAtadna laha rizqan kareema


31. But any of you that is devout in the service of Allah and His Messenger, and works

righteousness,- to her shall We grant her reward twice: and We have prepared for her a

generous Sustenance.

32. Ya nisaa a


nnabiyyi lastunna kaahadin mina a


nnisa-i ini ittaqaytunna fala

takhdaAAna bi


lqawli fayatmaAAa allathee fee qalbihi maradun waqulna qawlan



32. O Consorts of the Prophet! Ye are not like any of the (other) women: if ye do fear

((Allah)), be not too complacent of speech, lest one in whose heart is a disease should be

moved with desire: but speak ye a speech (that is) just.